Film Production

What can we do together:
> Film presentation of the vehicles
> Real estate film presentation
> Advertising films with product / service
> Events filming: racing, running sport events
> Video animations explaining how to use the product / service
> Film / photographic documentation of construction projects
> Aerial filming using multirotors (drones)
> Video advertisement
> Animated video presenting service / product
> Live streaming from drones
> 360° Videos and photos
> Aerial photos

Pricing and equipment depends on project. More about drones at the end of the page. If you have any questions or suggestions of cooperation, it is best to contact me by email: or phone +48 794 146 485.

360° Interactive videos

In interactive 360° films you can change the point of view during video playback. The viewer can look in any direction and choose on what he wants to focus his attention. 360° Videos can be seen on an computer, smartphone or tablet, but it is best to watch them in special VR goggles. I run a second, separate channel on YouTube with exclusively 360° footage.

YouTube link

Click here to read more about 360°video

I’ve created two main categories of projects when it comes to film productions.
The first category – normal films and commercial videos. The second category – 360°videos.
Those are two separate projects. 

What is 360°video?
In 360°video the viewer chooses where he wants to focus his attention. 360°video is recorded by a special camera system that simultaneously record full sphere – forward, backward, upward, downward, right and left. You can look in any direction during playback.

IMPORTANT: Are you watching 360 film on smartphone/tablet?
Remember to view this special 360 footage only via YouTube app, otherwise you won’t be able to move the sphere.

Detailed How-To-Watch 360° degree video:
1. Tablet and Smartphone: Just tap on the video and drag to look around or simply move/tilt your mobile device. You have to use the official YouTube app for Android/iOS to watch 360° degree video, otherwise you will not be able to rotate the sphere.
2. Computer: Click on the video and while holding down the left mouse button move the mouse to look around. You can also use W-A-S-D and arrow keys.
3. If the image is blurred then you have to manually select higher-quality by clicking on the gear/dots in the right corner of the video and selecting 1080S or 2160p. Smooth playback of high-quality video requires powerful computer.
4. The best way to watch VR footage is by using special VR goggles. Run YouTube app, click the goggles icon in the lower right corner of the screen and put smartphone into the goggles.
5. I have two YouTube channels. My main YouTube channel contains non-360° films. My second YouTube channel contains only 360° films. The main goal of my 360° videos is to show the experience of being in filmed vehicle / location. The main goal of creating these films isn’t: maximizing the resolution; working in post-production for removing camera lines, vibration or any other imperfections. Overall video quality is important for me but I’m not a perfectionist – everything depends on your point of view and your goal. I do not publish any information about cameras.

Important note: I wrote a special instruction which helps to successfully play 360° videos. This manual is in the description in all my 360° videos on the YouTube channel. It is worth to read it to know how to play this movie.

Difference in quality

My approach to quality depends if I make commercial projects or projects performed mainly for my own needs. I follow the approach that perfectionism is not the best choice. The quality of video / images is important but not everything has to be perfect. Sometimes I want to just show a simple film with interesting place, vehicle or for example with a model helicopter. When doing something mainly for myself I go for Pareto and maximize effects in relation to the work. Sometimes it’s just not worth to give something a big amount of time to edit.


Photography has much in common with film-making. Using the link below, you can see my photography gallery. Shortly regarding image quality and perfectionism: as I mentioned above – my photos quality varies because everything depends on goals.


During recording of cars and a wide variety of vehicles I’ve recorded their sound. I made a special channel where car fans can listen to the sounds of vehicles from musclecars, supercars and aircrafts. Each audio file has been registered by me during filming.


Travelling can really teach you a lot, as long as someone is open: for new knowledge, experience and generally speaking – the change. I created a separate subpage, where you can see travel videos and photos of places I liked. I have a lot of footage from various places. It would be difficult to edit all files so I try to publish mostly places I liked the most. Examples of such places are: Mont Saint-Michel and north of France; Cabo da Roca; Gibraltar; Sardinia; Monaco and generally speaking Cote d’Azur; Driving through the Alps; Spain and Portugal.

More personally:

Things I've learned - sharing for reflection:

1. What goes on the Internet stays on the Internet. Think before posting.

2. Everyone is the architect of his own fortune, but we have different opportunities and starting points related to the (mental) environment we live in. One people success does not equal other one’s success.

3. Some actions are not ethical but are allowed by law. The law is never a determinant of moral and ethical values.

4. Maybe we are not responsible for everything that we experience, but we are responsible for how we react to what we experienced. The decision not to take a decision is also a decision – everything we do has consequences. The decision about the lack of a decision is also a decision. No answer is too an answer.

5.  No function or job does not determine intellectual or moral level of this person. The amount of money or value of the car in garage does not specify the level of development of a holistic unit. In other words, the monkey with gold bracelet and a pile of bananas is still a monkey (with all respects to monkeys).  Unfortunately, when many people see a “famous monkey” or a monkey with a lot of bananas they think “that a monkey has so much bananas so it’s is probably the most valuable, moral and most intelligent ape …”

6. You make your own luck.  Not luck, not destiny, karma or whatever. Just our decisions and reactions.

7. For some people the reluctance to change obscures the scientific evidence, factual data and morality, ethics + conscience.

8. IQ =/= EQ =/= financial intelligence

9. Money is important but it isn’t everything. It’s just a tool, like everything else.

10. Awareness is something which differs human beings from animals, although when looking at the behavior and lives of some people sometimes I get the impression that the animals are more human beings then some human.

11. “I am not like the others” –  Deeds not words. Show me don’t tell me. Saying is one thing and doing another. Respect is earned. Honesty is appreciated. Trust is gained. Loyalty is returned.

12. The best index to a person’s character is how he treats people who can not do him any good & how he treats people who can not fight back.

13. You don’t have to try everything in life. Predict consequences and be proactive.Pro-activity means predict the consequences of actions. I value life and I value minimizing unnecessary risks. Many people does not foresee the consequences of their actions. I think the most famous last words are: “Trust me, it will be good, don’t worry, take it easy”; ,, Trust me, nothing will happen” and ,,Do not panic, it will be good” . Common sense is important. By choosing to fly or drive 200mph it’s worth to test individuals and minimize the risk by appropriate action.

14. Everything we do, we do for ourselves and for needs of our psychological identities.

15. Nothing is just black and white. Truth is subjective. We look at the world subjectively and through the prism of our own experiences. Metaphor: sometimes you have to go beyond perception of your mindset. Most problems are often in the individual people response(reaction) to the situation, not in the situation itself.

16. Consciously create your relationships. You can judge people by their closest friends… and how they end their relationships.

17. ,,Wise books” should be interpreted wisely. There is a difference between ‘being inspired’ by something and adapting quotes 1 : 1 to your life. Think.

Special thanks:

During different projects many times I realized that appearances can be deceiving and unfortunately not every person is trustworthy and not everyone is able to live up to bilateral arrangements.

Few words: I value my own life and It’s important for me to minimise the unnecessary risks in my life. Many people do not actually predict the consequences of their own actions. I think that the famous last words of many are like: “Trust me, everything’s to be ok”. Common sense is something very important for me and I won’t fly/drive/go anywhere with someone who don’t care about even their own safety. As an example: air travel is very safe contrary to popular opinion publicized by the media on individual cases, but it’s still worth to minimize the unnecessary risk through appropriate planning and approach.

People are different. There are different pilots, drivers, skippers etc. I’ve planned a lot of projects with a lot people – not every went as planned. Not everyone is trustworthy, legit and not everyone can keep the terms of the agreement. There are often simple problems resulting for example from a lack of taking responsibility for their words and actions of certain persons with which the cooperation is to take place. Some people breaks down already at such simple activities as calling back, coming on time for a meeting or sending the promised pictures (and I’m not talking even about sending message in time, but generally to send … – ,,Yes, I will send, surely I will send, I have a contact”) and they expect to be treated seriously.

Someone else goes on the record that he did not understand the agreement and wants to change the conditions. Terms of the agreement, which he himself written and sent. Yet another is trying to combine with the payment. There was one who forgotten that in general there was something set – almost two months of planning with a man who on the one day before meeting “forgotten” about the project. There was also the one who claimed that he absolutely did all the work as if only he had been a driver / producer / director / operator / sound designer / writer and manager of everything.

The best, however, is that most of these people completely do not take the responsibility for what they did and they don’t see that problem is in them and not on the outside. They often blame external factor rather than simply admitting to themselfs that they did something that should not have happened, or behaved in a way that can be briefly called unethically. Until now, I have a hard time to grasp how it is that one person can come from another country in time for a meeting appointment several days in advance and always calls back at missed calls, despite real crammed schedule… and another one ,,forgets” that is making a project with someone, a project which has been planned for 40 days.

Because of that special thanks go to all those with whom I had the pleasure to perform projects. Special thanks to

M. B.
K. G.
S. N
J. B.
A. P.
G. K.
D. M.
A. L.
M. O.
M. K.
L. S.

The list is of course visually symbolic, but it has big real significance. Working with people who know the value of their work and think about the consequences of their actions is simply a pleasure. It is incredibly nice when you come to the project and there everything is prepared as it has been preceded by a conversation. Thank you for your professionalism.

Vehicle portfolio:

Since I can remember I was interested in different vehicles. During various projects I have the opportunity to test interesting for me air/water/land machines and see what it is like to travel in them behind the wheel / controls or in the passenger seat.

It started with a drift, go-karts, rallies and WRC. Then muscle car, a variety of super-cars and vintage vehicles. Next in order they were amphibious vehicles, screw-propelled vehicles, cranes, tanks and armored personnel carriers. Then came the time to train, watercraft, hovercraft, different vessels, snow groomers, snowmobiles and motorcycles. As for the flying ships – I decided to check: paraglider, trike ultralight, glider, aircraft dedicated to aerobatics, helicopters of various classes, gyroplanes, airplanes and helicopters, ultralights.

People habituate to the emotions and over time fast driving does not have much of an impression. Everyone could be accustomed – the question of the amount of time and intensity of emotions. When I calculated the time of recording from a camera inside the drift cars it came to me that in two months I spent over 80 hours in the passenger seat. With time, some things in large quantities simply get bored.

There is a big a big amount of recorded vehicles but there was also a lot of different projects. I’m not an expert or super-rally driver but by gaining specific, basic knowledge about the different vehicles and experience of driving / flight / cruise I am able to say a few words about each of these machines: about firing the tank, driving a train, R44 autorotation landing or STOL aircrafts. I have found the differences, advantages and disadvantages of specific design.

By creating movies I did not want to be associated with any particular brand of vehicles or magazine / TV program. I could have maybe easier access to eg. cars for tests but then I’d have to make a specific program – and I do not want this, I value freedom. I make films searching for vehicle owners on my own

The most interesting were husky team of dogs, snowmobile, horseback riding, fast boats, tracked vehicles, hovercrafts, gliders, motor gliders, aerobatic gliders and airplanes, helicopters – but it’s really hard for me to say what is most interesting. Sometimes it is difficult to compare the two cars… what about aviation to automotive. Surely there is no such thing as the most interesting and best machine.

When it comes to cars – this is the list of those which are generally the most I liked for various reasons, so in general:
1. there is no such thing as the best vehickle
2. LP750-4 SV Roadster, GranTurismo Convertible, 458/488GTB Spider, DB9, 12C Spider
3. Corvette C7 i C3 Stingray 1969 convertible, Camaro SS 2016, Charger 1970 R/T, Mustang 2016 Convertible & Boss 1969/70
4. Cadillac Biarritz 1959, concept Cadillac CIEL and Lincoln Continental Convertible 1965/66
5. Tesla S i BMW i8
6. Land Cruiser, RR SVR i Cherokee WJ

The number of recorded videos / photos with a variety of machines had become large so to simplify navigation I’ve created a portfolio of vehicles.

Below you can find a full list of already done vehicles.
Vehicle is listed as recorded if the recording was set-up with this
exact vehicle and I was travelling in it as a driver/pilot/passanger

Robinson R44 … x5
Robinson R22
Extra 330LC
Ultralight helicopter CH7
Puchacz Glider
Xenon Autogyro
Fox Glider
Jantar Glider
Boeing Stearman
CSS13 Polikarpov Po-2
Fokker Dr. 1
Sd.Kfz. 222

Aston Martin Rapide
Aston Martin Vanquish
Aston Martn Vantage
Aston Martin DB9
Audi TT 2016
Audi R8 V8 x2
Audi R8 V10 x2 & Audi R8 V10 Spyder
Buick Riviera 3rd gen Boattail x2
Boattail Buick Riviera 1968
Buggy x3
Cadillac 1959 Biarritz Convertible
Corvette C6
Corvette C7
Dodge Charger 1970 R/T
Dodge Viper
Ferrari 360 & Ferrari 360 Spider x2
Ferrari 430 x2 & Ferrari 430 Spider
Ferrari 458 x2
Ford Mustang: 1966 Coupe
Ford Mustang 2005
Ford GT40 x2
Hummer H2
Hummer H3
Jaguar F-Type
Jaguar E-Type
Lamborghini Gallardo x3 & Gallardo Spider x2
Lamborghini Huracan x2
Lamborghini Murcielago LP640
Monster Truck
Maserati GranTurismo S
Maserati Quattroporte
Maserati GT3500
McLaren MP4-12C x2
Mercedes Benz SLS
Mercedes Benz S500
Mercedes Benz GL
Nissan 350Z
Nissan GTR
Peugeot 406 Taxi
Porsche 911 Boxter x3
Porsche Carrera 4S x2
Porsche Carrera S
Porsche 911 Turbo S x2
Porsche Cayenne
Shelby Cobra 427 x5
Tesla Model S x2
Drift: GTR R34, Skyline, S2000, Z3, Z4, E36, E46, M3& more

Catamaran Yacht 46-53″
FourWinns Motorboat
Various Powerboats and Yachts

Panther Tank
M5 HalfTruck
M3 WhiteScout


Various enduro / cross motorbikes

Plans for future projects

Ariel Atom
Aston Martin One-77
Audi R8 LMX
BMW i8
Bentley M. Convertible
Bugatti Chiron
Bugatti EB110
Buick Riviera 1965
Cadillac Fleetwood 75 Limousine
Chevrolet Corvette 2016 ZR-1
Cadillac CIEL
De Tomaso Mangusta
De Tomaso Pantera
DeLorean DMC-12
Dodge Viper Hemi Cuda Convertible 1971
Ferrari 250 Spyder
Ferrari 288 GTO
Ferrari 308 GTB and GTS
Ferrari 488GTB Spider
Ferrari Enzo
Ferrari F40 Ferrari
F50 Ferrari F50 GT1
Ferrari Fxx
Ferrari LaFerrari
Ferrari Testarossa
Ford Mustang Boss 429
Ford Mustang Mach 1
Ford GT 2017
Ford GT 350R
Gumpert Apollo Sport
Hennessey Venom GT
Honda NSX
Jaguar XJ220
Koenigsegg One
Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita
Lamborghini Aventador Roadster
Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4
Lamborghini Countach
Lamborghini Diablo
Lamborghini Veneno
Laraki Epitome Lexus LFA
Lincoln Continental 1965-68
Mazzanti Evantra
Maserati Gran Cabrio
Maserati MC12
McLaren F1
McLaren P1
Mercedes CLK GTR
Mercedes Stirling Moss
Maybach Exelero
Mercedes-Benz S-class Cabriolet
Nissan GT-R GT3
Noble M600
Pagani Huayra BC
Porsche 918 Spyder
Pontiac GTO
Plymouth Road Runner
Plymouth Hemi Cuda 1971
Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé
Rolls-Royce Wraith SLR
McLaren Stirling Moss SSC
Ultimate Aero XT
Saleen S7
Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus
Turbo Esprit
Thrust SSC

Jednostki pływające:
Trimaran Adastra
Wally 118
Sea Shadow
MS-80 Stiletto
Project 941 TK-208 lub Borei / Delta / Ohio / Vanguard
Duck GEV
Lun Caspian


Cars below are the most liked-valued by me:

Dodge Charger 1970
Aston Martin DB9 Convertible
Cadillac 1959 Biarritz
Toyota Land Cruiser
Range Rover SVR
Tesla Model S
2015 Bugnaughty by Delahaye USA
Auburn Boat-tail Speedster
Type 57S Bugatti/1935
Figoni & Falaschi Type 135 Delahaye
DelahayeUSA Pacific
Bugnotti 57S Roadster
Delahaye speedster generation 2 boattail with Auburn grille
Figoni & Falaschi Type 135 Delahaye Delahaye Type 165 ( 1938 / 1939 )
Bugatti 57
Bugatti SC Gangloff Drop Head Coupe 1937
Mercedes-Benz Count Trossi SSK 1930  DelahayeUSA Sultan


Maserati GranCabrio ( Novitec )

Novitec Maserati GranCabrio MC

BOSS 429 / RTR-X


Corvette C3 Convertible w Restomod


Aventador Roadster SV


Lamborghini Estoque


Cadillac CIEL


Rolls-Royce Phantom 1 Jonckheere Coupe 1925



To record a wide variety of movies I use a variety of flying platforms, mainly multirotors widely known as drones. I have a certificate entitling me to perform commercial flights. I’ve got it before ,,boom ” on the use of drones rose. I’ve teached using and flying them a dozen people. I’ve also written an eBook about the drones. It is available in the case of cooperation.

I built 14 drones – both smaller and larger – and I look on them in a different way than someone who just bought himself ready drone and offers services to use it. I know the possibilities, advantages and limitations of the equipment. Due to my experience in the construction of a number of remotely controlled flying models – including helicopters – I make drones shots, which many people even flying drone as a pair of operator + remote control sometimes does not offer. These include, for example, flights between trees and branches, shots chasing cars while drifting, performing flight in the building, exit through the window and through the second inlet. Of course, everything depends on the particular case, sometimes it’s better to fly in a pair of operator-pilot, but the skills and experience in the control can not be bought on the training course by obtaining a certificate of qualification to fly, you have to gain experience yourself to do it.

The ability to simultaneously control the whole drone in any orientation without the help of additional systems, live operating camera, observing the environment and additionally controlling what we want to capture – all at the same time – this is something that is highly time-consuming to develop and acquire experience to do so takes a lot of time you can not replace any hardware.