360° Videos

Manual: How to watch 360° footage on YouTube

360° video is recorded by a special camera system that simultaneously record 360 degrees sphere. You can freely look around during watching the video – it’s like remotely controling the camera.


Computer: Click on the video and while holding down the left mouse button move the mouse to look around. You can also use W-A-S-D and arrow keys. 360 videos does not work in Safari, try Chrome or Firefox.

Tablet and Smartphone: Just tap on the video and drag to look around or simply move/tilt your mobile device. You have to use the newest version of the official YouTube app for Android/iOS to watch 360° degree video. Open link to the film in YouTube app, otherwise you will not be able to rotate the sphere. Be aware that some phones doesn’t have a gyroscope and physically tilting a device doesn’t change the point of view. 

VR gogles: The best way to watch VR footage is by using special VR goggles. Run YouTube app, click the goggles icon in the lower right corner of the screen and put smartphone into the goggles.

Quality: If the image is blurred then you have to manually select higher-quality by clicking on the gear/dots in the right corner of the video and selecting 1080S or 4K/2160p. Smooth playback of high-quality video requires powerful computer.

The correct way to watch 360 video is shown on the right. You can look around in the video.

If image appears to us as panorama in which you can’t move the camera then it means that the video is not working as it should. Remember to use newest YouTube app on a mobile device. 360 footage does not work in Safari nor IE, try Chrome or Firefox.