Thin red line – value of life

I think many people don’t really predict consequences of their own actions. Probably the most famous last words of many are like: “Trust me, everything’s to be ok” & “Don’t be a &*$@, it’s safe”.

Well, common sense is very important. Everything has a natural cost – as a price to pay for something. If someone wants to have a car with large engine, then it will be fuel hungry – natural cost. New engine designs allow you to minimize the costs by deactivating some cylinders when not needed. The same with risk – a certain risk is the cost and we can take actions that will reduce the cost.

Until you’re flying a plane you do not incur the risk of death in an aircraft (except that the plane will fall on you). It is worth remembering that aviation is one of the safest means of transport. Air travel is very safe contrary to popular opinion publicized by the media on individual cases, but it’s still worth to minimize the unnecessary risk through appropriate planning and approach.

Most accidents happen by pilot error – eg. pilot fly with customers in tough weather conditions under pressure from supervisors because he earns money only when he flies and not when is on the ground.

Only from a man depends how he will use the tools he has. It’s very important for me to minimize unnecessary risks.