• If someone had allocated the equivalent of ~ 500USD / EUR on the experience of flying, I would recommend:
    • open cabin flight (great visibility feel + speed)
    • flight where we hear only the sound of the air (sailplane / paragliding )
    • experience gforce associated with acrobatics (glider / high-performance airplane )
    • experience helicopter hover

    What’s more – all these activities together can fit in the amount of less than 400 Euro for all if you know what to properly look for and talk to the pilots. This amount is really small as for the experiences that you can get.


    1. paragliding or motor-glider (at low altitude above the clouds +)
    2. glider (including glider acrobatics)
    3. ultralight airplane flight
    4. short helicopter flight (or gyroplane) best above the city

    Shortly about costs – hang glider and paraglider in conjunction with ultralight planes and gliders are one of the cheapest airships to buy and operate.