Dodge Charger R/T 1970 440″

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2nd generation Dodge Charger. Legendary icon of American automotive industry with insane recognizability. Car known for such films as Vanishing Point, Bullit, The Dukes of hazard and popular Fast & Furies series.

Charger 1970 chassis Piotr K (1)

Charger 1970 Poland MJ film - interior

I would say that this is the best condition restored Charger 440 R / T 1970 in Poland. Condition of this particular car is amazing, from small details to even NOS. Yes, described Charger has nitrous oxide injection system. Complete renovation and getting the Charger to the present state took Marcin (owner of this car) thousands of manhours.

Charger 1970 Poland - Michal Jaroszczyk (6)

Dodge Charger R/T 1970 440 Magnum. The original car had 440 motor (7200 cm3) but in the described one it was drilled to almost 460 (7500cm3). Charger now offers an estimated 420HP. For those for whom 420HP coming from the 7.5-liter V8 is still not enough – they will love the fact that nitrous oxide injection system gives an extra 200HP. In total we have over 600HP in a rear-wheel drive car which weights 1800kg (4000lbs). Car fans know, however, that not only horsepower is important, there are many other important factors such as the torque curve. Rather than showing graphs let’s get to the point – nitrous oxide supports acceleration from low revs in contrast to the usual turbine.

Charger 1970 Poland - Michal Jaroszczyk (4)

Charger of this particular body silhouette ( 2’nd generation ) was created in 1968-1970 . In the moment of writing this article I’m 21 – Charger is 46. This car is more than two times older than me. You could think about stories that could have taken place with his participation. Nicely renovated interior provides plenty of space by European standards, but relatively little as an American. Despite nearly half a century Dodge carried out as new thanks to his superb restoration. In fact, it leads to even better than new thanks to a multitude of different modern technical solutions introduced in the restorationthat simply did not exist in the 70s.

Charger 1970 RT

Charger 1970 Poland - Michal Jaroszczyk (3)

Charger 1970 Poland - Michal Jaroszczyk (5)

> 1970 Charger R/T technical data - click here <

original V8 motor 440 (7200cm3) widened to almost 460 (7500cm3)
Compression ratio of 10.5: 1
Source 440 Heads
Camshaft COMP Xtreme Energy.
Rocket Roller 1.5.
Wiseco Pistons 111mm.
+ Intake manifold Holley carburetor manual Holley double pumper 850cc
Mopar 8000rpm Ignition System

> Differential 8.75 / 3.22 + limited slip 33%
> Reinforced and rebuilt 3-speed 727 transmission.
You can manually drop gears quickly and it has reduced long hold of each gear.
> Headers Exhaust Manifolds. Exhaust system: stainless steel 2.5-inch free + spotlights.
> Brakes Wilwood four piston drilled. Edelbrock shock absorbers and stabilizer added.

Questions to Marcin

Why exactly did you choose 1970 Charger?

Marcin: When I was fifteen I saw charger in an newspaper ad in Canada. It had been another 15 years when bought the real one to renowation.

What are the most important improvements you’ve made?

Marcin: Additional stabilizer at the rear, Edelbrock shocks and strengthen the various bodies.

First switch near the gearbox activates nitro. How it works?

Marcin: After exceeding 70% of the gas pedal, mixture of nitrogen and fuel is injected to the intake manifold. We don’t lose nitro during normal driving. NOS is used only when needed. One 5kg cylinder lasts about 40 acceleration. Refilling the cylinder costs around 150 USD.

What does the second switch do?

Marcin:  It allows us to do effective burnout. Through the solenoid hydraulic valve we can cut off rear brakes.

Dodge Charger 1970 burnout Mopar

How much time did the restoration take?

Marcin: Restoration of the car took me two years – thousand of manhours. What helped me? Years of experience in construction and renovation of motorcycles – now Mopars.

How much does the renovation of 1970 Charger cost?

Marcin: For 2016 you can find 2nd generation body wrecks for lower then USD 10 000, but much of them are pretty useless. Good base of R / T 70 B-body line for renovation can be found from around 20 000 USD. Those are vintage cars, the final price depends on many factors. This is not the car that you can buy in the car dealership. Well-restored 1970 Chargers are worth between 50 000 – 100 000 USD. The question is what does good restoration mean – because it depends, for each one it means something different.

How would you rate the difficulty of maintaining the car in good condition?

Marcin: As for small repairs and maintenance you don’t need to be a mechanic to drive Charger on a daily basis but you should know what’s going on under the good. Most of the spare parts you have to get from the US – shipping often takes a lot of time. Help can appropriate knowledge of other fans of American cars in our country, because many people have parts for various machines “in reserve”.

What are the biggest disadvantages of the car?

Marcin: Parking. Charger is over 5m long and almost 2m wide, so you’ll need to get used to the consequences that it brings.

What is the average  fuel consumption?

Marcin: At least 25L per 100km, 9 MPG. Fuel tank has a capacity of 75L ( 18 US liquid gallons )

How would you describe Charger driveability?

Marcin: Charger was initially build in 70ties as sport muscle car. Contrary to appearances it doesn’t behave like the stereotypical American cruiser. It doesn’t swing him and it don’t lean in the corners on the side beyond the acceptable norm. Due to the high power and the lack of electronic traction control systems it can be difficult to master for “modern” drivers. Smooth driving it requires some learning and habit.

Is Charger suitable for driving in difficult weather conditions?

Marcin: If necessary – in exceptional situations, you can even drive it in the snow. Note, however, that riding Charger can be very dangerous on wet roads , even in summer.


Charger 1970 in Poland michaljaroszczyk

How can you easily recognize the year? Charger from 1968, 1969 or 1970?

The main body difference of Charger from 1968, 1969 and 1970 is between front and rear lights, because the rest of design of the car are the same.

Dodge Charger 1968
Yearbook 1968:
Round taillights oo [  ] oo
Front bumper in the bottom
Dodge Charger 1969
Yearbook 1969:
Round taillights oo [] oo
Front bumper as in the yearbook 1968
Divided grill [] | [].

This model played in the movie The Dukes Of Hazzard as the General Lee (The General)

Dodge Charger 1970
Yearbook 1970:
Led style taillights — [  ] —
Front bumper in the shape of a rectangle surrounding the hood


Charger 1970 Poland MJ film - audio

V8 makes the car sounds amazing and is also loud enough that it was still comfortable for driving. Longer routes admittedly can be a nuisance … or not, depending on the attitude of the driver to the sound of the engine. We’ve recorded Charger sound from the outside and inside, both during the start up and when crusing. Hear it below.

360° Interactive video – Drive a 1970 Charger

Before playback read the How-To-Watch below:
[English] You’re now watching a special 360° spherical video. You can look in any direction during playback.
1. Tablet and Smartphone: Just tap on the video and drag to look around or simply move/tilt your mobile device. You have to use the official YouTube app for Android/iOS to watch 360° degree video, otherwise you will not be able to rotate the sphere.
2. Computer: Click on the video and while holding down the left mouse button move the mouse to look around. You can also use W-A-S-D and arrow keys.
3. If the image is blurred then you have to manually select higher-quality by clicking on the gear/dots in the right corner of the video and selecting 1080S or 2160p. Smooth playback of high-quality video requires powerful computer.
4. The best way to watch VR footage is by using special VR goggles. Run YouTube app, click the goggles icon in the lower right corner of the screen and put smartphone into the goggles.
5. I have two YouTube channels. My main YouTube channel contains non-360° films. My second YouTube channel contains only 360° films. The main goal of my 360° videos is to show the experience of being in filmed vehicle / location. The main goal of creating these films isn’t: maximizing the resolution; working in post-production for removing camera lines, vibration or any other imperfections. Overall video quality is important for me but I’m not a perfectionist – everything depends on your point of view and your goal. I do not publish any information about cameras.

Charger is the first car that I decided to describe in article. You can describe cars’s every tiny detail – for example electric motor of lights lid that costs 100USD. In this articles we’ve focused on the key information.

I would like once again to thank Marcin for the cooperation. I’ve saw how much passion he put into Charger, how much this car means to him and how much effort and energy restoration costs.

Looking for unusual gift or planning a wedding – you can contact with Marcin and have a ride. The car is really worth to see and hear in reality. Emotions guaranteed.

Marcin email:
Location: Southern Poland, Central Europe.

Marcin is preparing second Charger – click here to see


Charger 1970 Poland - Michal Jaroszczyk (8)

Charger 1970 Poland MJ film - forest


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Date of publication: 05/2016
Dodge Charger owner: Marcin
Article, film & cinematic photography: Michał Jaroszczyk


At the end of the day we had a surprise – Robert arrived in his 1966 Mustang V8 283.

Charger 1970 Mustang 1966