(Moto)Paraglider and (Moto)hang-glider

Paraglider is a special gliding parachute. Motoparaglider is a paraglider with motor. This is often a special three-wheeled cart with a rear engine and a parachute at the top. There are single and double seater versions.

Hang-glider is simplifying the flying wing delta (the triangle). Motor hang glider ( trike ) is a hang glider with motor. Trike has a motor in the back There are both one and two person versions of hang glider trikes.


I flew several times both powered parachutes and motor-gliders. The powered parachutes – passenger sitting in the front. The ultralight hang glider – passenger sitting in the back. When flying in these aircraft we do not have cockpit surrounding us, so we have excellent visibility. We feel the wind and we can “catch clouds” – a flight over clouds is particularly great.

The powered paraglider – really enjoyed great visibility. No other aircraft provided me such visibility. Generally speaking – paraglider is more mobile than a hang-glider. The parachute can be packed into a large bag and we can travel with him around the world easier than with hang gliders. Paraglider / powered paraglider can execute spiral maneuver and several other maneuvers. Paraglider / powered paraglider generally provides a lower cruising speed then hang glider / ultralight aircraft. We can fly very slowly a few meters above the ground and it is a great feeling. Glider – cruising speed is higher.

Glider / motor-glider are 2 times faster than paraglider / powered paraglider