Snow Groomers

PistenBully 600 Polar

PistenBully 400

Prinoth Beast

PB300 with winch


Special thanks go to snow groomers operators for the presentation of snowgroomers. 

Special thanks go to “Kotelnica Ski” for presenting PB600P, PB400, Beast and PB300Winch.

Special thanks go “Niestachow Ski” for presenting PB300.

General information:
Prinoth Beast and PistenBully600Polar are one of the largest snow groomers in the world.
PB600Polar a successor of PB600.
PB600 is the successor of PB300.
Snowcat winch provides several times more power for pulling snow.
Groomers can be used in summer (change caterpillars to narrower ones)
Groomers can quickly turn but they are slow when it comes to forward speed

Questions and answers about snow groomers – Kotelnica Ski Resort

What is the winch used for?

Snowgroomer winch is used to prepare the ski competitions and very steep slopes. This year we’ve used PB300 with winch for Winter Sports Festival 2017 – pushing the snow from the lower part of the slope (3m) in place of higher ground where we had less snow cover (0.5m). Generally winch gives us great power of the machine, regardless of the level of adhesion to the substrate track. Snow groomers when in good adhesion (low temperature) are able to push the snow at an angle of 40 max. 45 degrees. The winch allows us to push the snow into steeper slopes and hills. Working with winch is different. In addition to controlling snowgroomer, operator must still control the winch. He has to control the winch swing arm in axis of the machine and keep his eye on the line. On some ski resorts winch snowgroomer operator must have in mind supports and other structures located within the rope of winch to minimaze the risk of damage to the rope. We do not have this problem in our resort and the machine is anchored to the second snowgroomer on  the top of slope. On some ski resorts there are special anchors placed at the top of the hill to attach the rope.

What could you say about the maintenance of snowgroomers?

The elements that damage the most are cylinders that surrender regeneration, hoses, drive less star, guides, belts caterpillars. The service is mainly based on the review, lubrication of moving parts, replacement filters and fluids. Inspections are carried out depending on the type of machnies.

The average fuel consumption is also dependent on the type of ratrak, engine power, the nature of the route (stretches, milling)

Examples of average fuel consumption during the night of filming:
PB300 within 18l / mth
PB300W average 30 l / mth momentary to 60l / mth
PB400 average 23 l / mth momentary to 65l / mth
PB600 average of 21.5 l / mth momentary to 85 l / mth
Beast average 23 l / mth momentary to 100 l / mth

How important is the weather in the preparation of the slope?

At low and very low temperatures below -10°C slopes of the daily operation of our customers are not so “overused”. They are just more frozen and do not form the bumps.

While the temperature closer to 0°C gently equation and we mill slope. Compartmentalized nets, clogging of sensitive as drainage ditches, places we rendered at. Negative.

Routes Fis the race trying to do as soon as possible, often in the late afternoon so that the morning had time to “tie”, ie. Get the Anti-cold surface layer.

Early in the morning we conduct additional milling during heavy snow, but fresh snow after snow grooming is not frozen to the top of the cover and this causes deterioration of the ski conditions

We tried to lead groomed daily routes 6 and 6a. For them, the most common form “bumps”, but with the number of customers after an hour we had the same status as before the snow groomng. The route has not had time to “harden”, ie. Get the Anti-cold surface layer. Therefore, due to this and the safety of customers we abandoned the daily snowgrooming.

What are the differences between the Beast and 600Polar? These are some of the biggest snow groomers in the world. Do any of these machines is “better”?

Differences machines prepared by me before purchase. Everest snowmobile we had on tests at a resort in the season 2012/2013. The design of the cutter has already been bound and with the correct settings “doing” route as the cutter Beast. Here are my subjective observations and feelings:

Pisten Bully 600 Everest Beast
Length x width 9.13x4.2m Length x width 8.85x6.3m Length x width 9.54x7.1mDue to the work surface (17,5m2 is approximately 40% improved operating efficiency)

Weight 12 tons

The velocity v = 22km / h

Very good for the preparation of wide slopes

Worse cutter design compared to Prinoth Facilities.

  • Cutter deeper lady is the center of the route not made
  • cutter shallower it is not exactly grounded snow

better to push apart from Prinoth Facilities (by staff)

The applied hydraulic accumulator dampens vibrations raised cutter at push

Higher lifting the cutter to push than the Beast, cutters better than Pisten Bully 600 Better design of the cutter guarantees a better slope maintenance even at high speeds Surface and design of the plow makes the snowmobile is more “aggressive” on hard snow, due to the low lifting the cutter is doing worse at push
The classic arrangement of seats Good soundproofing cabin, but resonating (worse cab suspension) The classic arrangement of the seats, steering wheel. Improved visibility of the car due to the central location of the seat, very well muted and amortized cabin.
Engine Mercedes-Benz 400HPMax torque 1900Nm at 1300obr / min Engine Model Mercedes OM 501 LA turbodiesel Cylinders: 6 VEngine power: 315 kW (430 hp) at 1,800 rpm

max torque of 2000 Nm at 1,300 rpm

A clear decrease in engine torque under load

Caterpillar C13 Acert 527KM

6 cylinder in-line

capacity of 12,500 liters

Torque of 2,216 Nm at 1,400 rpm

guarantees to reduce the time and cost of preparing the slope.No noticeable drop in engine power under load

The distribution of mass in ratraku worse solved. With a raised front scissor goes up even though the engine is located at the front of the machine Due to the good weight distribution and center of gravity is adapted for preparing a slope stromszych
Tank 220 l burning of 20l / hAverage about 28 l / h

Vmax = 23km / h

Fuel tank capacity: 290 lFuel consumption of 20 l / h

max at rozpychaniu

80 l / h

Vmax = 24 km / h,

Tank capacity 300 l incineration during work around 40 l / hMax combustion of 98 l / h
? The possibility of introducing automatic machine settings for the 7 drivers.
The control allows constant change of height and angle millingOn the monitor, we have constantly monitored data and plow cutter, the menu is less simple and affordable. On the right side control the plow and the cutter, and the information on the monitor (more readable) On the right side control the plow and the cutter, and the information on the monitor (more readable)On the left steering on poles.convenient solution
It requires the use of AdBlue 18kg cost 75zł.pali 5l / 100km In these models, there was used a measure restricting exhaust emissions to the environment
Service works quite well. There was no problem with removing of vital parts of ratrak. It is not known what the reaction of the service on any faults purchased machines

Generally, Beast and Pb600 are two different machines and each of them have + and –

Why it is important to change the position of the plow? Why it can not be permanently mounted?

Shaping the slope and a steeper hill isn’t driving on a straight road. Therefore, operators need to keep correcting offsett of the plow. In addition, they must prepare the route within the supports, railway station and on the same platforms to drop-off skiers. Therefore, it is important constant control settings of plow, his arms, milling and wings. All our snow groomer operators have many years of experience and perform these actions almost instinctively, how are you probably saw.

Can we use snow groomers in the summer? What can a snow groomer be used for besides preparing slopes?

Snowgroomer used by us in the summer is PB280 on summer tracks. We use it for field work and preparation of new slopes, squares, equation, dragging trees and preparing the route if necessary. We also use PB100 with a flail mower to mow the slopes in summer. In general – there are different accessories for snow groomer available, depending on what you want to use the snowgroomer for (buckets for loading aggregates, to supply supports, lighting etc …)

For daily preparation of the snowpark use PB300, PB400, PB280 occasionally. So at our resort the same as snow groomers to work on the rest of the slopes.

For the preparation of trails serves us ratrak PB100, from appetizer to cut traces the routes are prepared under the competition also for individual customer request. Attachment for cutting traces of the cross-country skiing is a cutter ratrak.

Thank you for sharing your interesting insights about snow groomers.