2x Tesla Model S



Tesla is a fully electric car. The car does not have an internal combustion engine. It has no gearbox. It has one or two electric motors – depending on the version. Driving in it is very quiet. We do not feel any vibrations from the internal combustion engine because there isn’t any. When accelerating you can only hear the sound of electric motors. Sounds a bit like a modern accelerating tram, but the sound is much more pleasant to the ear and of course quieter. Tesla’s older generations provide about 400km range and the latest model provides more than 600 km range on a single charge. The batteries have warranty for 8 years and you can replace them. Regarding the handling characteristics – it is worth the test drive it yourself to check. I might add from myself that the car feels very good to drive due to the low center of gravity. Tesla is a rear-drive or 4x4 depending on the version. In the front of the car there is a large trunk instead of the motor. As for the rear – the manufacturer gives us an option to order two additional seats for children in the rear.


Tesla can be charged quickly by a special supercharger – it takes a little longer when using 330V power outlet. The car can be charged even with the 220/230V socket, but it will take a veery long time. If anyone is interested in how long it takes to charge – then just visit Tesla.com, everything is very well presented there, I won’t just copy the data here when there is a webpage with it. The availability of fast charging points will be better in the future. In many cities they are already a special parking places only for electric cars, where you can park for free and connect it to free electric car charger. I have seen these cars very often in the Netherlands and Norway , as well as rapid charging points.


The car is equipped with many interesting features. In the middle we have a very large touch screen. The display is really well thought out and the brightness does not offend us in the night, despite its size. You can browse the internet and use navigation. Internet is free, regardless of the country. The driver did not pay any bills internet to anyone. Who pays for it – common sense suggests that probably the manufacturer of the car. There is also a parking camera. Parking sensor itself is an interesting solution, because Tesla as probably the first mass-produced car has a parking assist that shows the distance to the obstacle on the monitor. Simple solution and very useful. All settings of the car like the ground clearance can be adjusted on the touch panel.

Tesla can recover some energy during braking and use it to recharge itself. The maximum speed of the most powerful model is 250km / h. The most powerful versions of the car have an output of over 700 horsepower. I remind you that this is a 5 passenger sedan.

What is most interesting to me the function of Tesla?  Generally – the car can drive itself. Literally – optional equipment includes autopilot. I emphasize again the word autopilot. Autopilot = / = cruise control feature. In Tesla’s autopilot = autopilot. You can designate a route, move your hands off the steering wheel and  Tesla literally drives itself, changing lanes and turning if necessary. The steering wheel itself rotates. Car can also park itself. It’s a very interesting feeling, as the steering wheel rotates automatically – like there was a robot driving a car … or someone has intercepted your car remotely …

Does it work in Poland? Yes, because the asphalt concrete is globally the same. Returning to the topic, the autopilot operates in Poland, confirmed. Of course it’s not like you can choose the road and the car itself will take you to the address, but the autopilot driving aid system works very well. In addition, the car can for example drive out of the garage and park in front of it at the touch of a button on the smartphone. At the moment I am curious about me eg. Legal issues – like a car on autopilot stopped by the police. Common sense dictates that to its owner is responsible for the machine , but I can already hear: “Officer, I have not been driving, I only slept in the car and the car decided to go on a ride itself with me inside sleeping, you know… “

Some man who was … mhhmmm … not quite aware of the possible consequences of his actions posted a video on the Internet in which he enabled Tesla navigation and then seat in the back of the car with no one in the front. The car was traveling alone through the crowded road. How could this end – easy to predict. Autopilot is part of the driver aid system. Tesla is not an autonomous vehicle. Tesla is both capable of independent driving under appropriate conditions, if we take into account the technical parameters and equipment – and at the same time it is not, if we consider common sense and the current level of development of the environment. Even in a jet passenger aircraft autopilot allows the automatic landing but the pilot must have the possibility to react if necessary and he’s not sitting in the back with passengers. Just as some modern trains / metro lines – trains run themselves because the computer controls the acceleration / deceleration, however the train driver is still sitting in the cab supervising the work of computers. Tesla autopilot is not to be confused with the autonomous car, it is different and many people mistakenly connects these two concepts.

Interestingly you ca install an update to this car – a bit like to the computer. You can purchase the digital update and “install” it in the car. Update allows you to activate the so called Ludicruous mode. This mode will allow you to have an acceleration from 0 to 60mph in less then 3 seconds.

To make it even more interesting – I am writing this article on 23 August 2016, the las day when I am 21′ old. A few days ago, Tesla received an update and was released a new model car. The most powerful version of the electric car is now Tesla P100D, which accelerates from 0 to 60mph in 2.5s


This car has been named the fastest production car in the world by many media , which is not entirely true, but when it comes to pure acceleration then in fact it makes a big impression.

This is the class of acceleration ahead of many models of super cars. Considering only acceleration factor from 0 to 60mph – if Tesla Motors will further improve this parameter … then Tesla would be closer to 2 seconds from F1 than most super sports cars. It feels weird to accelerate in such a short time while sitting in such a large sedan. It is finally a large, 4-doors 5 or 7 seater and competes on this ground with 918 or LaFerrari. In addition, when we have the pleasure to drive a variety of sports cars, you hear theirs motor sound. Here we do not hear petrol motor sound, and it is also a strange feeling, because I hear mostly swish of air and electric motors.

* – Of course, everything depends on the particular model, but 2.5s from 0 to 60 mph are impressive and hard to deny

Tesla depending on the version costs around 90 – 120 000 USD for a new car. There is going to be Tesla Model 3 released, liftback costing us a couple of times less, because about 30 000USD for a new car. Whether the car is expensive or cheap – it depends on what you compare it to. When it comes to luxury cars and a premium category, most of the comptetitor cars are in a similar price. The question is what a person needs. In Poland there are only few superchargers, but the range of several hundred kilometers is enough for a few days driving around the city – unless someone does 400 kilometers per day.

Regarding electronics – car remembers where we need to increase ground clearance by using the GPS. One thing I did not like in modern cars is a huge amount of electronics and data collection. Cars know what and where you are doing, where you’re going, how much time there you spend, where you stay for the night and who you’re talking to – which has its bright and dark sides. Additionally, many new cars steering system is fly-by-wire, which means that steering wheel is not directly connected to the wheels, everything is done by a special servo. Subject: Uncomfortable person, serial-suicidse and stuff like that. It is however my subjective opinion. Some person prefer more convenience over privacy – depends on the person. Anyway – if one uses Facebook / Smartphone on daily basis it is not a big difference between adding smart car when it comes to data collection … It will generally be the same.

Another off-topic, but: some people say that the collection of data can be turned off. Yeah. Sure. You can disable it – but you will disable yourself the access to this data, but they are still being collected and you should be aware of this. But everyone who has to know that – already know 🙂


This car isn’t perfect but I don’t think there is any perfect car. I like Tesla Model S – especially the most powerful version. It is just very “specific” feel when you’re standing before traffic lights, someone pulls up a super-car, and you know that your sedan (or SUV) will be faster when accelerating. Comfort and usability Tesla will win too with a supercar, but every man is an opinion. There is only one thing – I don’t thing anybody buy a supercar for comfort and usability. Some will want to choose a super-car. Perhaps for the brand, perhaps for driveability (because there are other outside acceleration) or maybe many other factors. The motivation of every individual to purchase a car is ultimately different. Unfortunately, instead of respecting what other people think, a lot of people are trying to force persuade others that some car will be the best for all – as if their truth was the only right for all people.


Anyway, personally I would preferred Tesla Model X SUV – although it is much uglier than the sedan it is more powerful. It can drive more easily then sedan on unpaved roads (not to be confused with offroad) and allows for easier “flying” above the bumps. Tesla suv has an acceleration from 0 to 60mph in 3s. SUV. For comparison – Tesla Model X (SUV) won Drag Racing Alfa Romeo 4C. But… Tesla X had a trailer attached behind. And there was second Alfa Romeo on this trailer… and Tesla X model pulling Alfa Romeo 4C on trailer won with the same Alfa Romeo riding on its own wheels. I leave a moment to let you process this sentence.

You take Tesla X and two Alfa Romeo 4C. You run the 1/4 mile Tesla X with 4C on trailer versus the same Alfa on wheels. Tesla wins X … Model X is incredibly fast as SUV. Faster than Range Rover SVR or Jeep SRT-8. There is one thing I miss – SVRs sound during acceleration. It would be nice to be able to turn something like petrol car sound when you want to listen to it. Of course it would be best to have both the S and Tesla model X. Prefered color – black, white or red. Black car, black wheels. White car, black wheels. Or finally – red body, black rims.


I described some of the most interesting elements of the car for me. I think that is enough.

Interesting fact: Tesla Motors is an American car company producing sports cars electric cars founded in July 2003 by Martin Eberhard, Marc Tarpenning, JB Straubel and Ian Wright. One year after the founding of the company, in February 2004, Elon Musk came and became chairman of Tesla Motors .

Elon Musk is not the inventor of the electric car, he didn’t invented a reusable rockets, smart homes or many other things which he is mistakenly attributed to. But one thing is certain – he knows how important it is to create a marketing, vision and then selling this vision to people.

A few words about Nikola Tesla as a man. More than 100 years ago lived an engineer, from whom the name is taken for the described vehicle. Nikola Tesla was an inventor of Serbian origin and he had ~ 300 patents, mainly a variety of electrical equipment, of which the most famous are: electric motor, generator, AC, auto-transformer, bicycle dynamo, radio, hydroelectric power, solar, disk turbine and Tesla transformer (resonant coil high voltage). Nikola Tesla was among the creator of the first devices remotely controlled by radio. Initially, Marconi was said to be the creator of the radio, however, in 1943 The US Supreme Court granted patent rights Tesla. The meeting was settled after the death of the inventor and sadly the founder of the radio is considered to be Marconi, although he admitted the use of the earlier work of Tesla to build radio. The same is the story with Edison, who “took” Tesla’s work and used as their own. Nikola Tesla – an interesting man. The school says a lot about Edison. About Tesla we don’t hear much. But that’s another story.

Special thanks to Jakub for providing his Tesla. Jakub have a Tesla fanpage in Poland ane he has driven more than 30 000  in his Tesla. At the moment of writing the article there are less then 10 Teslas in Poland.

Note: In all my other articles I take my own photos of each car however when recording Tesla it was more important for me to film it before night than taking pictures so photos in this article come from Tesla.com

Note two: I added my best to check the text before publication but if anyone has any suggestions then as always – I am open to corrections.

Text author:
Michał Jaroszczyk


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