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Some say that travelling can teach you a lot. I would rather say that it depends only from person who is travelling. One travels to seek business opportunities. Another travels to show off in front of friends where she/he has been. Next one travels to forget about something. Another travels to feel new emotions. One can travel around the world and just say “well, it was fun”. Other  one travels just for traveling. Another …. – each one has his own reason. Each one will pay attention to other things. Each will learn something else.

Things that can be partially “learned” while travelling alone:
Know what’s going on in someone else’s mind. Know what’s going on in your own mind.
How to handle money.
How to handle with people who want to hurt you or rob you.
How to consciously create relationships.
How to do networking. How to communicate and negotiate well.
How to use very basics of law in real-life.
How to predict consequences of your own actions.
How to learn from failures.
How to manage yourself in time.
How to love somebody. Or walk away from someone you don’t love any longer.